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The very mention of a root canal can conjure scary images of the procedure and extreme discomfort afterwards, but modern-day root canals are very common, safe, no more painful than a filling, and restore teeth to a healthy state. Although root canals are a fairly serious procedure, Dr. Lee has years of extensive experience providing this service to patients with the upmost comfort being top of mind. After your root canal, you can look forward to healthier, stronger, and less sensitive teeth!

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What is a Root Canal?

Root canals are a safe and effective way to restore decayed teeth to a healthy state. This method of treatment is reserved for teeth that have infected pulp, which is where the blood vessels and connective tissue is located. A root canal removes the infected pulp and nerve from the tooth, eliminating the bacteria and pain associated with the infection. This might sound detrimental to a tooth’s health, but the pulp and nerve aren’t of critical importance once the tooth is fully developed — it will get its nourishment from surrounding tissue.

When is a Root Canal needed?

One of the first symptoms that might signal the need for a root canal is sensitive teeth. Developing sensitive teeth is typically a sign that damaging bacteria is reaching the nerves and jaw, which should be removed quickly to prevent more serious issues from developing. Root canals are also often needed for cracked teeth, whether from sports or genetics, issues from previous fillings, or if you have a deep cavity in your tooth.

Some patients go into root canal consultations wishing to simply just have the tooth pulled because of the common misconceptions and anxieties surrounding root canals. Saving your natural tooth is always the preferred choice when it comes to fixing tooth decay. Although the dentistry field has made tremendous strides over the years with replacement teeth, nothing will look or feel exactly as your natural tooth. Root canals can help save your tooth for a lifetime and are performed millions of times a year safely, effectively, and comfortably.

Root Canals

Procedure and Recovery Time

A root canal always starts with ensuring the area around the tooth is thoroughly numbed so you won’t feel anything during the procedure. Dr. Lee will then drill an opening into the crown of your tooth and down into the pulp chamber. Bacteria-killing fluid is sprayed into the canals to clean them out and disinfect them. The infected pulp is then removed using small instruments that clean and shape the canals. Once the root canal has been properly cleaned, they are filled and sealed to block future bacteria from forming and causing problems. Once it has had a week or two to heal, Dr. Lee will either insert a final filling for your tooth, or have a crown placed over it.

Although this procedure is more complex and takes longer than a tooth extraction or a filling, root canals don’t result in unbearable discomfort that is often associated with them, and actually shouldn’t hurt more than a filling. The extreme pain associated with root canals is a common misconception that has doesn’t have any root in the truth. Since the area is thoroughly numbed beforehand, you won’t experience any discomfort during the operation, and most patients even feel fine going to work the day following the procedure. The most important thing to do for a quick recovery is to follow Dr. Lee’s prescribed post-care regimen.

Professional Root Canal Services in Phoenix

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